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Theolized Sideview Battle System (TSBS)

TSBS is a script extension for RPG Maker VX Ace created by TheoAllen to create an animated battler. The term side-view battle system is misleading as it is not restricted to create a side-view look.


TSBS was originally intended as a personal use script back in late 2013. The script was heavily inspired by Tankentai Sideview Battle System created by ENU back during RMVX era and from a frustration that there was no similar system in VXAce after it has been 4 years since the first time VXA released. Granted, the script was ported to VXA, however, it had a poor translation and lacked support from the community that led the author to write his own system.

Around mid-year of 2014, the author decided to let his script known to the world and released a sample project, that, at the same time, it is also his first complete game (link below). The script continued to expand further since then

Games using TSBS

Below are the known game that is using TSBS

Tutorial list

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