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Artifacts are items known for their particular history, use, and purposes, usually created by people from the past and generally have at least one unique property that makes such an item worth its recognition and values.

Most artifacts are highly sought by people, regardless of both the items and people origins, for numerous reasons, ranging the power such item possesses, the requirement of certain rituals or items, its mere monetary value or mere for collection purposes.


There are various origins of artifacts, some of which may come from the archaic era while some others from civilizations as recent as the early Eremidian era.


Most artifacts are known for its values, either in gold or in its own intrinsic values. Enchanted artifacts tend to have higher values depending on how powerful the enchantment imbued in the items. Their true values may be appraised by merchants or collectors who have knowledge about the nature of artifacts in general.

Myth and Legends of Artifacts

Most artifacts are often being associated with certain myths and legends. For example, Farsight Amulet is often associated with the myth of First Hero of Runemilenia while the revered Blue Lantern is widely known among Riftwalkers as a token from Great Library.

List of Artifacts

Rift Artifacts

Artifacts that originated from The Rift

Runemilenian Artifacts

Artifacts that originated from Runemilenia

Infinius Artifacts

Artifacts that originated from Infinius

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