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Welcome to Khaos Bibliotheca

This wiki is created as a repository of RMID members' crafts which promotes ease of indexing and access throughout numerous concepts and lore made throughout years.

To join and contribute, ask superadmin for an account.


See more: Domains

Imitating the Great Library, this wiki is maintained by respective creators, each given their special Corner to dump and curate their own crafts, represented by Domain. Granted, the contents in each Corner may have different formats depending on the creators' style of curating and wills.


See more: Tales

Aside from lore-focused Domains, Khaos Bibliotheca encourages creators to insert literature-laden poems, tales and/or stories that connected to certain Domains to be included in this repository.


See more: Artifacts

Khaos Bibliotheca also functions as a place for documenting and cataloging artifacts known in the domains.


See more: Characters

Prominent, notable characters that often mentioned in some Domains may have their own page in this repository for reference use. This section is dedicated to preserve certain figures and reduce inconsistencies through many tales he/she may be mentioned.


See more: Projects

Knowledge in one Domain or among several Domains may be compiled into different formats. Here listed the projects conducted by creator(s).

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