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Nella Shadowind (Dark Version)

Nella Shadowind (Dark Version), or simply called Dark Nella is an alternative version of Nella Shadowind. The character was created within an assumption of what if the character is corrupted. This is also an aftermath effect after using the original version as a character for a roleplay that leads the corruption of the character.

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Nella Shadowind (Dark Version)
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Aliases Dark Nella, DNella
Race Human (Enhanced)
Height 163cm
Hair Color Pale Blonde
Eye Color Red
Age 15 (+300's) Years
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Love Interests Nightrider
Origin Alumnea
Occupation None
Affiliation None


Unlike the original Nella. Dark Nella has a very different personality than the original counterpart. Because of the death of her lover, she resents everyone and everything because they were unable to prevent the death of his lover. She lost her caring personality that she does not care anything about people anymore.

However, even after being corrupted. Dark Nella alignment is still mostly neutral. She will not attack when she is not threatened. And she will not cause any threat. She just wants to be alone, and she lost trust in most people. Only something that could probably interest her is a possibility to revive her lover.


The overall abilities remain the same as the original counterpart. With a little difference that she focused more on offensive attacks. Her main weapon is a spear with a conjured whip on the back. The conjured whip is equipped with something sharp on the end of it. Creating a scorpion-like attack.

She is still able to fly or float. But with a conjured with resembles a pair of broken wings when created. The conjured wings radiate in red color.


Coming soon


  • The creation of Dark Nella was unexpected and was never been planned.
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