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The Way

In The Rift, most planes and realms are connected by strings of walkable paths constructed from an amalgamation of soils, rocks and any other solid matters commonly found there. This network of paths then becomes what the Riftwalkers called as “The Way”.


The Way's origin is as vague and as old as The Rift itself. Little records could be gathered regarding The Way other than its primary use as the connector between realms and the nexus of realms.

The Formation of The Way

When a realm begins to manifest, its presence attracts the light from Lux Primus as well as small amount of The Rift's ether towards it. The attraction also draws several remnants of the soils and any solid matters present between the Lux Primus and the realm in question, forming a visible path which later becomes passable. This path then becomes a part of the bigger network of The Way.

The Way is also may be broken by several circumstances, mostly related to the realm connected to it. When a realm is destroyed, its Way cut off, severing the connection between the shattered realm and the nexus of interconnected realms. In few cases, though, the Way may be severed even though the realm itself is still intact; for example, the Mad Queen Invasion event caused the disconnection between Noneiffica and the rest of realms in Way's network.


The Way, as the name implies, serve as a means of guidance for Riftwalkers to traverse The Rift without getting lost or being led astray by the things it hosts. Riftwalkers, especially the experienced ones, often opted to use the regular Way to get to their destination regardless of the time and distance it may take to reach there.

The Serpent's Tunnel

Besides the regular Way, there is another set of the network lies one layer under it, colloquially mentioned as “The Serpent's Tunnel.” Serpent's Tunnel bears similarity with the regular Way and mostly provides shorter path to wanderer's desired destinations, however, the access into such network is limited due to the dangers Serpent's Tunnel hosts–unlike The Way that provides wanderers guidance in the form of “light beacons”, Serpent's Tunnel doesn't have such feat, making exploration through the tunnel much more risky.

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