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Theodoric Allen

I don't know but when I gaze into the Rift, the Rift gazes back into me.

Theodoric Allen

Theodoric is a prominent character in several Runemilenian records. He made his appearances in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as a supporting character. He is an experienced explorer fueled by curiosity and thrill of the adventure, however unlike most of adventurers in the late Eremidian era, Theo rarely boasts his experiences and feats he has gained in his journeys. As a man from the renowned House Arthar, Theo has special place in the Eremidia Kingdom.

Theodoric Allen Arthar
Aliases Theo, Theo Allen
Race Human
Height 182cm
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Almond
Age 24
Gender Male
Family none
Love Interests none
Origin Classburg (Runemilenia)
Occupation Explorer, Royal Guard (former)
Affiliation Kingdom of Eremidia


At the first glance, Theo is a rather silent and serious kind of person. He prefers to talk business or just remain silent in front of strangers, which he remarks to the strangers in question to move away if they don't have any particular stuff to do with him. In short, Theo doesn't give a damn to strangers.

However, once he's accustomed with several individuals, he's much more open and will start to engage conversations, or in some cases, tease them. For example, Theo is often seen teasing Richter in most of their banter or make a witty, if not timed remarks upon certain events or things.

Although he lacks the wisdom and knowledge compared to most of his partners (especially Richter), Theo is quite a fast learner, often capable to digest knowledges he deems required for his future endeavors in relatively short time. Despite his bright capabilities, Theo dislikes puzzles and cryptic stuffs, often relying on someone else to solve the riddles for him or his team.


Theo's first and most useful abillity is “Wind Walk”, enabling him to render himself invisible indefinitely. With this ability, Theo is able to traverse dangerous areas unseen and unheard, making him a great candidate for gathering info without triggering enemies' attentions. He also often use this ability in conjunction of his dagger mastery, resulting in a makeshift stealth attack which is effective against unsuspecting targets.

Theo's another notable ability is his rope techniques. Theo often carries a loop of rope made out of elastic hemps that serves as primary utility tool of his own. In combats, he uses the rope as trapping tool either by crafting a spring-trap, binding enemies stepped on the trap with rope; or, he draws a loop of his rope forward and pulls in such timing that may catch enemies in line in a binding rope.

Outside of combat, Theo is a thinking person, often contemplating his deeds and actions he has done and sometimes talk about his thoughts to whoever willing to hear his fruit of contemplation. His recent discoveries in The Rift expand his thoughts further about the worlds and their creators.


Eremidia: An Empty Tome


Theodoric Allen Striker
Title Stealth Explorer
Attribute Agility Element Wind
Weapon Ishara+
Melee [4×3] Slashing, Physical
Stat Overview
Power B Durability C
Magic D Dexterity A
Complexity C Potentials B
Base Growth Lv.5 Lv.10
STR 4 0.4 6 8
INT 4 0.4 6 8
AGI 7 1.5 14 20
Element Resistances
FIR 0% THU 0% ICE 0% WTR 0%
ERT -25% WND +25% LGH 0% DRK 0%


[icon here] Grade Innate Type Magical
Target Target grid Range [4×3]
Damage none Cooldown 3
Properties Place a circle trap on target grid. Activates after 1 turn, which then entraps an enemy stepped on the trap for 2 turns.
Places a trap on a target field. It takes 1 turn to activate. Enemy who stepped on the activated trap will be entangled, ceasing their movement and actions for 1 turn. Theo may place as many traps as he wants.
  • The trap lasts for 99 turns.
  • Theo may lay Ensnare on grid that has already set up with another Ensnare instance, but an enemy caught by the traps will only take one instance of Ensnare effect.

Fatal Bind
[icon here] Grade Regular Type Physical
Target Enemy, Target Unit Range [4×3]
Damage 50% DMG per hit Cooldown 4
Properties Binds target and an enemy nearby target with magical link. Any damage and effects taken by one of bound enemies will be duplicated on another, then the link disappears afterwards. Lasts 3 turns if the link is left untouched.

Master Staff Upgrade: Damage/state inflicts won't break the link.
Tags multiple enemies in a strike. Tagged enemies will have their move rate decreased by 1. When one of the tagged enemies takes damage, both will take the damage along with buff/debuffs placed by the attacker.
  • State inflicts that deal 0 damage will be duplicated and won't break the link.
  • Fatal Bind may also duplicate positive buffs (such as Fortification and barriers) cast by enemies.

Everlasting Bond
[icon here] Grade Regular Type Magical
Target Enemies, linear Range [5×3]
Damage 28/35/42/49/56 Cooldown 6
Properties Channeling

Deals damage and roots enemies caught in line of effect for 2 turns.
Prepares a series of trap in front of Theo. Takes 1 turn to set. After 1 turn passed, he pulls the string, damaging and trapping unfortunate enemies caught by the trap in tight knots and bonds for 2 turns.
  • This skill has 1-turn channeling time.
    • Once cast, Theo is unable to move until he successfully casts the skill.
    • The skill may be cancelled if Theo receives 9 hits while channeling or interrupted by disables (stun, freeze, entangle, paralyze, sleep, etc.), wasting a turn and MP spent on the skill.

Wind Walk
[icon here] Grade Regular Type Passive
Target Self Range Self
Damage 4/8/12/16/20 Cooldown 3
Properties Grants invisibility and bonus attack range for indefinite time. Invisibility breaks if Theo performs normal attack, Fatal Bind or Frontal Strike. Grants 4/8/12/16/20 bonus damage on each attack after breaking out of his invisibility.
Theo blurs himself with immense force of wind, making him invisible and grants one extra attack range for indefinite time until he performs either normal attack or Frontal Strike. Once he emerges from his invisibility, Theo will cloak himself up again in 3 turns.
  • The cooldown is set after Theo performs normal attack, Fatal Bind or Frontal Strike
  • Invisibility provided by Wind Walk prevents Theo from being targeted with single target attack and/or skills; he can still be affected by AoE strikes while being invisible.
  • This ability extends Theo's normal attack, Fatal Bind and Frontal Strike range by 1.
    • Bonus range is unavailable if this ability is in cooldown.

Frontal Strike
[icon here] Grade Ultimate Type Physical
Target Self Range [5×3]
Damage 100% DMG + 40/60/80 Cooldown 2
Properties Deals bonus damage on backstab.
While this move has ironic name, the effect caused by the backstab is quite lethal. Teleports behind his target and performs a backstab move, dealing huge damage. Nothing personal.


Hailed from the renowned lineage associated with Eremidia Kingdom, Theo was trained and prepared to be one of the Councillors for the Kingdom just like his predecessors. However, a series of unfortunate events, rumors and internal conflicts among the Councillors changed his perspective upon his destiny as one of the most crucial members of Kingdom's society. Eventually, he refused the rights of his heirloom–a seat in the Council–and set a journey to neighboring countries. Theo's whereabouts were then unheard of for at least ten years.

When he heard about the Imperial Simulacrum from one of the traveling merchants at the outskirt of a distant country, Theo quickly rushed back to Classburg and tried to find out what really happened in his home country. Quickly he learned that the prophecy of Runemilenia's doomsday became true, and not only the Kingdom–the entire world's day is numbered. He also learned that the King had embarked a quest towards the Herald of World's End only to make things worse; a month without news from the expedition team has made the entire court and Councillors a step closer into turmoil–it could be the worst if the news had already spread among civilians.

Even with his reclaimed rights in the Council, he's still unable to stir out the problems among the officials mostly due to the fact that only those of Dnas' lineage can hold and use the Kingdom's artifacts and assume control of the Kingdom when the King himself is absent from his throne. In such desperate situations, Queen Prima called for a sudden, risky yet somewhat reasonable act: send another team to Herald of World's End with one mission to find and rescue the King at all cost. Theo was one of the first volunteers who signed into such mission and unbeknownst to him that he's approaching the doom itself.

Cunning, effective and often considerate his moves before he starts his assaults, Theo doesn't mind using tricks that deemed unclean for most fighters and oftentimes he will observe his surroundings first under the cloak of invisibility. From laying traps that renders his foes immobile to binding his foes' fate with magical link learned from the land beyond the horizon, he has many ways to bind them close–and cut their string of fate before they even realized it.



  • Theodoric Allen is a character based on RMID member, TheoAllen.
  • The character design made by TheoAllen himself.
  • His weapon, Ishara, is named after yet another RMID member.
  • In some occasions, Theo may speak his thoughts about his rope technique to be applied upon females, indicating his interests on “shibari”.
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