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Richter Heimsdel

One of the perks of being someone with nigh-immortality is you can witness many events as the time goes on; that is if you could manage to avoid certain deaths and made bloody right decisions in your life.

Richter, written in the first page of his own memoir

Richter is a prominent character in several Runemilenian records. He made his appearances in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as a supporting character and the main character in the Memoir. He often claims himself as the last of his own Ancient kin who was wiped out in Mad Queen Invasion, which later becomes invalid when some other Ancients such as Admiral Lao and Lana appeared in Runemilenian universe.

Richter Heimsdel
Aliases H; Runemilenian Curator; The Town Guard
Race Highvalean
Height 190cm
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Luna (adopted sister)
Love Interests Queen Agatha; Princess of Mournvale
Origin Ancient Site (Highvale)
Occupation Town Guard (Classburg), Curator (former, Great Library)
Affiliation Kingdom of Eremidia; Goldian Empire; Great Library; Pars Mythos; Councils of Solsticia; Iberian House of The Wises; The Makers; Worldsmith


His gifted longetivity twisted his personality into such enigma, however he often portrayed as a jolly, talkative old man who doesn't mind to spill some of his knowledge he'd gathered in his lifetime.

In his early days, Richter is a simple-minded shepherd and didn't care of his surroundings. When the fate meets him with Agatha, his loyalty towards the Kingdom of Highvale slowly develops–along with his affinity to the once-princess of the ancient kingdom. Despite his position as Agatha's personal guard, he keeps his laid-back personality even in formal occasions.

In the aftermath of Mad Queen Invasion, Richter managed to keep his temperance even he has put an end to Agatha in the peak moment of Mad Queen Invasion, resulting in the erasure of his kin except himself thanks to Nuloa's interference when the Great Archivists deliver the punishment to the Ancients. In his first years as a Librarians' associate, he rarely talks and tends to seclude himself in the mazing hallways of the Great Library. Eventually, he regains his old personality as he undertakes tasks of retrieving books from various realms, along with a new companion he finds in his way in his journey: the book fairy named Luna.

Centuries later, he was allowed to return to Runemilenia with one given long-term task of documenting events in his home realm. Solstician customs, Goldian aesthetics and later Eremidian traditions develop Richter's personality further, permanently cementing his personality as a wise, if not jaded and slightly twisted man of way back when.

Richter is known to have particular interests in “intellectual”-type females, especially those who wear spectacles as sighting aid. He remarked his interest as “leftover from the Library”, and often reminded him of his fairy companion in his time as a Curator.


Richter's laid-back personality hinders him from mastering one skill in short time, but this is relieved by his prolonged lifespan which allows him to live through many civilizations, gifted by the Worldsmith himself in the dawn of Mad Queen Invasion. This longetivity perk is particularly useful for a curator like him; recording the rise and fall of civilizations is a task not even his ancient kin could be able to carry on.

Alongside his longetivity, his aptitude towards literature and customs allows him to grasp the Solstician Rune Art, especially the rune art of protection and rejuvenation. Among all of his abilities, the Rune Art is his most used active abilities ever witnessed in his stories.

The Solstician also taught him swordplay, allowing him to effectively use longswords and later, rune blades given by the Seers of Fandor. With his collected knowledge, the Rune Art and his swordplay, Richter becomes the first “rune knight” in the history of Goldia (and later, Eremidia).

Although not confirmed, Richter is able to use Worldsmith's Tool–the same Tool Queen Agatha used back in the Highvale days–although he's only able to do it in small scale.


Eremidia: An Empty Tome


Richter Heimsdel Defender
Title Town Guard
Attribute Strength Element Earth
Weapon Mournblade
Melee [4×3] Slashing, Physical
Stat Overview
Power A Durability B
Magic B Dexterity D
Complexity B Potentials C
Base Growth Lv.5 Lv.10
STR 7 1.2 12 18
INT 5 0.8 9 13
AGI 3 0.4 5 7
Element Resistances
FIR 0% THU 0% ICE 0% WTR 0%
ERT +25% WND -25% LGH 0% DRK 0%


Healing Rune
[icon here] Grade Innate Type Magical
Target Allied, Target Unit Range [5×3]
Heal 40% target's MAXHP Cooldown 2
Properties Instant Cast

Applies shield on target ally which is able to block (6 + (100% Richter's STR) + (150% target's INT)) damage. Shield lasts 3 turns.
Casts lesser healing spell on allied target, healing 40% of target's HP. In addition, target ally will receive barrier whose durability depends on Richter's strength and target's intelligence. Barrier lasts 3 turns or till the barrier absorbs enough damage.
  • The shield is able to block both physical and magical damage.
  • When cast on target under Drawbuckle effect, the healing applies on linked allies but the shield doesn't.
  • Since the shield's power depends on Richter's STR attribute and target's INT attribute, allies with high INT stat will gain more shield power than the much desired healing.
    • Combined with Richter's high STR, the shield may grant target shield power more than the healing rate of this spell.

Drawbuckle Rune
[icon here] Grade Regular Type Magical
Target Allied, Target Unit Range [5×3]
Damage none Cooldown 5
Properties Instant Cast

Links Richter and target allies, sharing any damage or healing taken by one of the linked allies. Able to link up to 1/1/2/2/3 allies including Richter himself, lasts 2/2/3/3/4 turns
Casts a Runic incantation which links the fate of targeted allies and Richter himself. Any damage taken by the allies or Richter will be evenly divided and shared to linked allies. Healing effects will be shared in full amount instead.
  • Effectively decreases damage taken by 50-75% depending on how many linked allies present and alive.
  • Healing effects will be applied on linked allies without being distributed evenly.
    • Meaning each linked allies may fully benefit from healing items or spells.
  • Since the spell reacts on instances of damage/healing taken, AoE abilities may causing a chain of reactions that may diminishes the benefit of this spell upon linked, affected allies.

[icon here] Grade Regular Type Passive
Target Enemy, Target Unit Range [3×3]
Damage 100% DMG + 6/12/18/24/30 Cooldown 7/6/5/4/3
Properties Changes normal attack into cleaving attack, dealing full damage to enemies in 3×3 range in front of Richter.
Richter's runeblade, Mournblade, collects power gradually which later can be unleashed in form of great arcing slash. Grants bonus damage and Richter's attack will splash onto field behind his target.
  • Cleave attack carries on-attack effects and elements.
  • Cleave damage is physical.

Ancient's Insight
[icon here] Grade Regular Type Passive
Target Enemies in battle Range Entire battlefield
Properties Reduces enemies' armor and resistances by 20/40/60/80/100%.
Richter's vast insight and wisdom that gathered since centuries ago grant him ability to reduce almost everything into its basic. Enemies under his presence will have their armor and resistances eliminated by certain magnitude.
  • This passive works on all enemies as long as Richter is present in battle.
  • At max level, Ancient's Insight renders enemies' armor and magic resistance irrelevant, making any kind of damage will be fully taken.
  • Doesn't work on damage amplification/reduction effects.

[icon here] Grade Ultimate Type Physical / Magical
Target Self Range [5×3]
Damage 50% of enemy's MAXHP Cooldown 8/7/6
Properties Channeling

Deals physical and magical damage on hit. Knocks enemies out for 5 turns and removes any on-field effects on successful cast.

Master Staff Upgrade: Disarms enemies for 4 turns.
Requires Richter to channel the skill before activation. On successful channeling, Richter then brutally slams the ground, knocking out enemies struck by the shockwave. Deals 50% of enemy's MAXHP as composite damage.
  • This skill has 1-turn channeling time.
    • Once cast, Richter is unable to move until he successfully casts the skill.
    • The skill may be canceled if Richter receives 9 hits while channeling or interrupted by disables (stun, freeze, entangle, paralyze, sleep, etc.), wasting a turn and MP spent on the skill.
  • Sleep and disarm from this skill can be purged/dispelled.


The Town Guard whose origin is much older than the archaic Goldian Empire, Richter is one of notable–and surviving–Ancient kin who, if not too talkative, a kind and hearty one. His early days are as vague as his kin, but one clear thing about Richter: he is true to his calling and does his jobs well… according to his own account.

As the survivor of the presumed extinct race, he was then forced to serve in the Great Library as a procurer of knowledge in the aftermath of Mad Queen Incident; a price he had to pay for what his kin and his lover had done in The Rift. Such punishment that turned out benefited him more than he expected; because of the task given by the Great Archivists in his service time for the Library, Richter had stumbled upon realms interconnected in The Rift and learned much knowledge along the way. Some of those were proven useful in his long, arduous tasks of procuring books from uncountable realms. Eventually, as a reward for his service for the Library, Richter was permitted to return to Runemilenia–also known as Realm of Many Names or Noneiffica; his place of origin–with one condition: he must record the accounts, events and various things happening in his home realm. And thus, all accounts and records from the Goldian era to Eremidian era are being written in an enormous journal of his, and probably events from some more eras that follow will be found in it. Richter truly put the gift from Worldsmith into good use.

In a tie with the Eremidia Kingdom, Richter has been around since its first days until now; he had outlived many people, had seen the Kingdom's better days and received several mementos from various places around the Fandorum, including his Town Guard title and the runeblade of immense power that is now dubbed as Mournblade. All of those events and occurrences are recorded in the book of the history of Eremidia as well as in his personal journal.

In the time of Imperial Simulacrum, Richter volunteered himself and signed into the second expedition team which then embarked towards the Herald of World's End; his response to the calling of distress from the Kingdom after the previous expedition team went unheard of for more than a month. It didn't take a long time until Richter realized the Herald of World's End is more than a gateway into The Rift–it also heralds the uprising of malevolent force deep from The Abyss which threatening Runemilenia's existence… and his worst nightmare.

Richter is rather slow in combat, but he harnesses a set of Runic spells which can be used to aid himself and his allies in combats–healing allies, preventing allies from dying by linking their lives to himself and providing a protective barrier to allies. His sluggishness is offset by a gift bound to him that diminishes enemies' defense and a groundbreaking strike that shatters anyone fools enough to withstand such an enormous blow.

Richter's concept art
Richter's concept art, used in Project Dungeon
Richter and the Mad Queen concept art
Depiction of Richter in Eremidia: Dungeon!, drawn by Lazcht


  • Richter Heimsdel is a character based on RMID member, richter_h
    • The character is designed by richter_h himself
  • Parts of his lore and backstory reflect richter_h experience in RMID, including the task he carries on; documenting the world's events and curating all things he can find in Runemilenia
    • Richter tends to call the realm by “Noneiffica” name, the name coined by Librarians for the realm he hailed from.
    • In his memoir, he called the realm by “Realm of Many Names” due to the amount of aliases attributed to the realm.
  • His current weapon, Mournblade, once was called “Firstia” but then he renamed it at some point for reasons unknown.
    • The name “Firstia” was based on RMID member's former nickname, cloverfield.
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