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Nella Shadowind

Nella Shadowind is one of the main characters from Project Alumnea. She is the central McGuffin of the project where everything revolves around her.

Nella Shadowind


Eremidia: An Empty Tome

Aliases -
Race Human (Enhanced)
Height 163cm
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Age 15 (+300's) Years
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Love Interests Andy Landwalker, Rodric
Origin Alumnea
Occupation -
Affiliation Alumnea


Nella is a caring person. Whenever someone gets hurt, she always tries her best to help them. Her pure heart is her weak spot as sometimes someone might deliberately injuring themselves just to get close to her. Another time is when someone might use her caring nature to manipulate her to do something else. Despite being used and sometimes even gets hurt, Nella never seeks personal revenge. She can easily forgive everyone even after what they did to her.

Nella is not a talkative person. Means she may get drowned in a crowd or party and cannot stand out on its own. She is not good at handling many people at the same time. However, she is excellent at a personal talk.


Before her awakening, she was a completely normal human being with average magic like many others. She favored candlelight magic as it's the most basic magic and is harmless. Her magic mostly used to entertain people to tell that magic is awesome.

After her awakening and loved by the Alma Spirits. Her capability in term of magic surpasses any human at that time. The amount of Alma overflowed and leaked out of her body that sometimes she is having trouble hiding it. The person who happens to see her overflowed Alma usually described her as she has a pair of wings like an angel.

If she decides to enter combat that mostly to defend herself, her signature move is she is able to conjure/materialize physical object out of thin air for a brief of time. That said, she can put up a strong physical sphere barrier named as “Almashield” to completely negates damage. Her non-harmful candlelight magic becomes a harmful magic missile that she can barrage them to the target. She can also conjure a magical light that could lift her on the air, making her capable to fly.

Aside from conjuration magic, she can also enhance someone's physical body to break its limit for a limited amount of time. She also has strong healing magic that capable to close the wound when given enough amount of time.


Event: The Awakening

Event: The Magic Apocalypse


  • The name Nella came from an anagram of her creator's name, Allen, but flipped that also coincidentally means light.
  • Nella was based on the creator's IRL friend.
  • While her second name is a bit contrast with her first name that means light. Shadow has a meaning “someone who follows” and the wind has a meaning “that will be gone at any time”. All have something to do with the creator's past.
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