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I'm telling you. This well here is not your ordinary well. No, no, no, far from that. It is said that it'll fulfill the wish of those who throw some gold coins into itself…
or is it?

Milan, next to the Well of Fortune

Milan is a character appeared in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as a side character, providing Scout exotic supplies and gears in the Sanctuary. An eccentric and sometimes cunning merchant who came in Survivors' presence, this dandy merchant who dubs himself “Eremidia's Ministry of Economy” offers numerous “beneficial” prospects and “exalted” items to the highest bidder.

Table of Contents

Aliases Exotic Merchant
Race Human
Height 178cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Age 35
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Money
Origin Unknown
Occupation Merchant, Artifact Collector
Affiliation Merchant's Guild, Eremidia Kingdom, Riftwalkers, Survivors


Like any other merchants, Milan knows how to attract his patrons with sweet talks. Oftentimes he greets his patrons with open hands and tells them to not be afraid of his funky looks and “suspicious” manner. His speeches are often boastful, if not alluring, and he knows how to use his silver tongue to pry upon his patrons' curiosity and desires.

It is implied that Milan loves gambling and is quite an opportunist–when he finds the Well of Fortune for the first time, he quickly rigs the well of wonder into some sort of money-maker in such fashion that his patrons shall pay several Dimes to use it. Also, on many occasions, he offers risky jobs for whoever brave (or fool) enough with one purpose: to further capitalize his prospects in The Rift.

While it can be concluded that Milan is a swindling opportunist, he sometimes plays safe by giving his patrons and benefactors actual benefits, either by providing actual artifacts and items or giving his patrons irresistible discounts.


Most people don't know the true value of rare items–from mundane R items, SR items, up to the most-wanted, salt-worthy SSR items! Milan, explaining his collections

Milan has a knack in appraising artifacts and enchanted items thanks to his aptitude in exotic items. He tends to keep artifacts that he deems valuable for the highest bidder or for his own collection. Milan is also quite deceptive and tends to not trust anyone except the situation says otherwise–of course, all his decisions are mostly based on profit-making tendencies with one true goal: to capitalize and exploit everything for his personal gains.

As a member of hideous Merchant's Guild, Milan has access to the Serpent's Tunnel which enables him to navigate and traverse through places in relatively short time. Unlike Rhasta, Milan doesn't intend to easily share such privilege to anyone else.



  • The character is based on RMID member, NachEinhorn.
    • The character design is made by Nachteinhorn himself.
  • It is known that Milan has a green cat as a pet, which is capable of speech and is as devious as his master.
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