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Leictor Hannibl

Leictor is one of prominent characters in several Rift tales as well as in Runemilenian stories. He appears in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as the main antagonist who reveals himself at the height of the conflict between Great Library's Librarians and his own group which is part of the infamous Pars Mythos. An avid curator of his own collections, Leictor is not a stranger to the vast knowledge hosted by the Great Library and his works led him into the pursuit of forbidden knowledge; some of those are being weaponized in the name of his pursuit of completing his collections and eventually, finishing his own Black Tome

Leictor Hannibl
Aliases Leictor, Chessmaster
Race unknown, presumed Highvalean
Height 190cm
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Undisclosed
Love Interests Queen Agatha; Princess of Mournvale
Origin Unknown, presumed Ancient Site (Highvale)
Occupation Curator (Great Library), Leader (Pars Mythos)
Affiliation Great Library; Pars Mythos; The Makers; Worldsmith


At first glance, Leictor looks like a legit cult leader thanks to his appearance: wearing a great robe and hood that gives him his signature look, and when combined with his cryptic nature, he becomes someone to be reckoned with when it comes to enigmatic stuffs that Great Library owns for eons.

Leictor is often being associated with Mad Queen Invasion since he emerged in the aftermath of the event. His features, characteristics and interests are similar to that of the last spared Ancient of Highvale, which may confuse visitors of Great Library who stumble upon one of them when exploring the hallways of the source of all knowledge.

When he becomes Librarians's associate, he often put himself in the deepest hallways of the Great Library, churning the knowledge as much as he can take. His activity in the Library leads him into a group of Librarians and Riftwalkers who devoted themselves in unveiling the secrets and knowledge hosted by the Library to everyone everywhere: the Pars Mythos. Thanks to the group he discovered, he often gets rumors about particular knowledge which proven benefits him in his endeavors of “undoing what the Ancients had done” and “creating a magnum opus containing things that the Library is lacking.”

His meticulous ways of obtaining, learning and harnessing new knowledge for his gains makes his way into the ranks of Archivist, and later formed a separate group of rogue Librarians–which is still under Pars Mythos banner–with one true goal: to gain access into Forbidden Chamber, extract any knowledge it holds, and spread their discoveries to everyone without exceptions as well as add them into his Black Tome–his magnum opus that is still in the working.


Leictor, like a certain spared Ancient of Highvale and Mad Queen, has ability to harness the Worldsmith's Tool, although his version is altered in order to make it possible to be combined with dark artistry and forbidden magicks he learned from various worlds he stumbled upon. He then modifies his Blue Lantern into his version which enables him to perform several rituals and cast some spells that are normally not meant to be performed and/or cast by mortal being.

After several journeys into various realms, he realized that he needs an extra hand to ensure his success in doing his works. Gathered information and rumors among the Riftwalkers, Leictor then set a journey into the depth of Alexylva and subsequently gains access into The Abyss where he dominated a chaotic Abyssal Guard and capture it into his Blue Lantern. This Abyssal Guard can be called forth by Leictor at will, and will faithfully obey what Leictor orders to it.

The Black Tome contains numerous knowledge that are not meant to be known by anyone, let alone mortals like Leictor. The artistry, magic and tricks written in it are available for Leictor to harness and most of the time it proves fatal for anyone affected by anything Leictor used on them.

Oddly, for some reasons, Leictor has similar feat of longetivity not unlike the spared Ancient of Highvale. Such feats he used to gain more knowledge across generations.


Eremidia: An Empty Tome


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  • Leictor Hannibl is a character designed by RMID member, richter_h
  • Leictor's name is a play of Hannibal Lecter, a character from thriller novels written by William Thomas Harris III.
  • Some of Leictor's backstory hinted Ancients and Highvale, indicating that he's of the same origin as Richter
    • In Richter's Memoir, it is being said that the reflection of Richter is manifested into mortal being after he passed through a certain mirror in Forbidden Chamber. Bearing similar appearance, characteristic and traits, said reflection might later become Leictor.
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