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Laila Ai

I find your lack of faith in Saint Nirvanne pretty disturbing… Look, there are two reasons why you should care about Her blessings. One, it's good for your mind and body. Two, it can fortify your sanity in this place. Nobody knows when someone will finally get snapped…

Laila Ai

Laila Ai is a character appeared in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as a supporting character. She is a cleric in training who snuck into the expedition team's Airship, hoping for a reunion with her brother who joined in the expedition but instead, she finds herself in the outlandish realm of The Rift.

Laila Ai
Aliases Ai, Ai-chan
Race Human
Height 154cm
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Aquamarine
Age 15
Gender Female
Family Pvt. Cad (sibling)
Love Interests none
Origin Classburg (Runemilenia)
Occupation Cleric
Affiliation Church of Nirvanne, Eremidia Kingdom


Originated from a foster outside the capital town of Eremidia Kingdom and raised by the sisters of Church of Nirvanne, Laila embraces the value of peace and joy the Church has taught. A naturally kind girl, and oftentimes she talks in an energetic tone regardless of the situations.

Laila is a worrywart girl especially if it's about her only family, Cad, who was conscripted by the Kingdom years prior to the event of Imperial Simulacrum. She often expresses her worries to anyone survived in the Sanctuary and often asking for her brother's whereabouts.

Alongside her cheerful nature, Laila is easily frightened even with a slightest of menace and is a rather clumsy one especially in moments when she has to be focused on something or when she's attempting to summon Saint Nirvanne's divinations, making her a bit unreliable at several critical moments.


As a cleric in training, Laila is able to call forth Saint Nirvanne's divinations and make use of benefits provided by the revelation she invokes, including: dispelling ailments inflicted on one, providing layer of protection, healing her allies or damaging her enemies by attesting her target's faith, and bringing one back from brink of death. The divinations Laila may invoke are limited by the lack of practices, dampening the potentials of invocations she can pull off.

The “Cleric Tenets” she follows forbids her to wield bladed weapons. For that reason, Laila prefers a flail as a self-defense weapon. However, she rarely uses her weapon even if the time calls for it and instead she relies more on the aforementioned invocations.

Among other Survivors, Laila is one of the few who's able to tend others' wounds and take care of ailments even without her own extraordinary ability. She had undertaken medical training in the Church of Nirvanne as well as some other training around herbalism, alchemy, and psychology. All these benevolent skills, however, are hindered by her lack of experiences and will to use all her knowledge to help others.


Eremidia: An Empty Tome


Laila Ai Support
Title Disciple of Nirvanne
Attribute Intelligence Element Light
Weapon Morningstar
Melee [4×3] Blowing, Physical
Stat Overview
Power D Durability E
Magic B Dexterity C
Complexity A Potentials A
Base Growth Lv.5 Lv.10
STR 3 0.25 4 6
INT 8 1.2 14 19
AGI 4 0.75 7 11
Element Resistances
FIR 0% THU 0% ICE 0% WTR 0%
ERT 0% WND 0% LGH +50% DRK -50%


[icon here] Grade Innate Type Magical
Target Target unit, ally or enemy Range [7×3]
Damage none Cooldown 2
Properties Removes most buffs and debuffs on target, then applies a lesser barrier that can absorb damage equal to 25% of target's MAXHP (if target is ally) or amplify damage taken by 25% (if target is enemy)
Recites a prayer that removes any kind of buffs and debuffs on target ally or enemy. Provides 25% damage amplification debuff on target enemy or 25% MAXHP protective barrier on target ally afterwards.
  • May remove barriers on cast
  • Spell effect lingers for 2 turns.

[icon here] Grade Regular Type Magical
Target Enemy, Target Unit Range [5×3]
Damage none Cooldown 4
Properties Amplifies damage taken by enemy under this spell's effect by 30/40/50/60/70%
Laila invokes a divine blessing upon enemy target, putting them in a trial and forcing them to take extra damage. Lasts 2 turns.
  • Greatly boosts damage dealt by Laila and/or her allies by the same magnitude
  • Damage amplification debuff is dispellable

[icon here] Grade Regular Type Magical
Target Target unit, ally or enemy Range [7×3]
Damage/Heal varied; check Properties Cooldown 2
Properties Heals target ally or damages target enemy. Spell's power has great degree of variance: 12/14/16/18/20 at lowest, 40/45/60/65/70 at highest. Always heal by its highest value if the target if Laila herself.
Tests target's faith by reciting divine words on target. If targeted on enemy, the spell deals random magic damage; if targeted on ally, the spell heals by random amount. Always heal by maximum amount if targeted on self.
  • Carries Light element when cast on enemy.

[icon here] Grade Regular Type Magical
Target KO'd Ally, Target Unit Range [5×3]
Damage none Cooldown 4
Properties Removes KO state on downed ally and heals them by 20/40/60/80/100% of their MAXHP
One of miracles that can only be harnessed by virgin members of the Church of Nirvanne. Recites a divine word that raises down ally and heals by certain magnitude, giving target ally a second chance to prove themselves.

[icon here] Grade Ultimate Type Magical
Target All Range Global
Heal 40/60/80 Cooldown 6
Properties Heals all allies. Applies 25% dmg cut effect on allies and 25% dmg amplification on enemies.
Calls forth the blessing of Nirvanne, engulfing the battlefield with a blessing that lowers enemies' damage resistance and boosts allies' damage resistance for the next 3 turns. The blessing also heals allies in the process instantneously.
  • Heals only allies despite the spell animation on allies and enemies are the same.
  • Damage cut / damage amplification effect lasts 3 turns.
    • The effects can be dispelled.




  • The character is based on RMID member, Chanai-ai
  • Her initial character design sports pink hair and black nun outfit. The current design (blonde hair and blue nun outfit) is designed by richter_h
  • Her brother, Cad, is based on RMID member, cacad.
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