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King Dnas XIII

I can't keep my people worried forever. We need to find out more about this island. And oh, we need to find a way back home as well.

King Dnas XIII

Martin Gregorius Dnas, or King Dnas in short, is a character appeared in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as one of the main characters. He is the leader of Survivors, the remaining crewmembers of his expedition team that was almost wiped out at the dawn of Imperial Simulacrum event. Also, as the successor of the legendary First Hero, his already high profile becomes more prominent and plays the key role throughout Imperial Simulacrum.

His title, King Dnas XIII, is the title given by the Councils since he is the thirteenth generation family member of the House of Dnas–one of the most powerful Houses in the Kingdom–and the legit heir of First Hero's heritages.

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King Dnas XIII
Aliases King Dnas
Race Human
Height 185cm
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Brown
Age 49
Gender Male
Family unlisted
Love Interests unlisted
Origin Capital Town of Eremidiana, Runemilenia
Occupation Ruler
Affiliation Eremidia Kingdom, Church of Nirvanne, Runica Academy


King Dnas talks and behaves in a manner that's expected from a ruler of prospering nation. He also often show composure when the situations are not in his favor, and oftentimes he makes attempts on taking a second glance on matters present before him. In a nutshell, King Dnas is a pragmatic kind of person when he's facing problems that require his intervention and wits.

Most of the time, he often pries for information to its details; any kind of information–not only about government and ruling stuffs–he digests and use for the conclusions he seeks for. He keeps all relevant stuffs into his reserve according to the problems he's facing on, and throw away the irrelevant ones.

His positive traits, however, often being offset by his sheer curiosities and fear of the unknown. He sees the unknown as superstitious thing that can't be taken lightly, even if his subordinates show him the undeniable proofs of said unknown thing. Such fear makes him unable to make a better decision when the time calls for it–the very expedition he led himself is the fruit of his frivolous acts and commands.


While good at diplomacy and all things bureaucracy in general, King Dnas is a total stranger to field works. The expedition he embarked to Herald of World's End is the first expedition he led directly, which eventually led into the Imperial Simulacrum after a month of lack of news from the team to the Kingdom. Thanks to his overly-pragmatic nature when facing against the unknowns, King Dnas is not a reliable leader to reckon among the Survivors; such task he'd given to one of his trusty subordinates, Admiral Lao.

King Dnas' combat prowess is average at best, but he is an exceptional fighter to reckon thanks to the set of The Legend of First Hero's relics that's exclusive to Dnas lineage. With the set of the enchanted Jade Sword, enchanted Jade Breastplate and the Farsight Amulet, he may harness the exact power First Hero had back in the fateful day of his confrontation against the Devourer.

King Dnas' concept art
King Dnas' concept art, used in Project Dungeon
closer inspection of King Dnas' frog form
King Dnas' frog form, illustrated by Lazcht


  • The character is based on RMID member, dnasman
  • King Dnas made his first appearance in a project made by RMID member, shikami. The project name bears Dnas' name at its title (Legend of Dnasman)
    • The bare concept of Eremidia: Dungeon's “heroes summoning” and subsequently Project Dungeon was based on his project.
  • King Dnas' human form was conceived approx. three years after Eremidia: Dungeon has conceived, appeared first in Eremidia: An Empty Tome.
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