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Admiral Jaspre Lao

Admiral Lao

Admiral Jaspre Lao, or Admiral Lao in short, is a character appeared in Eremidia: An Empty Tome as a supporting character. He took role as the captain of the first expedition team's Airship which later crashed into Herald of World's End and left stranded there for at least a month when the Imperial Simulacrum event occurs.

He didn't tell much about his origins, however his unusual lifespan and his appearances indicate that Admiral Lao is probably one of the unmentioned, surviving Ancient kin.

Table of Contents

Jaspre Lao
Aliases Admiral Lao, Lao
Race Unknown (presumed Ancient)
Height 188cm
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Age unknwon
Gender Male
Family unlisted
Love Interests unlisted
Origin unknown
Occupation Seafarer, Eremidia Kingdom's First Fleet Admiral
Affiliation Eremidia Kingdom




  • The character is based on RMID member, jasprelao
  • Admiral Lao made his first appearance in Eternal Grace: Episode One, where he captained a frigate called S.S. Margaret and had crewmembers consisting of, interestingly enough, young women in maid outfits.
    • Colloquially, Admiral Lao has a close relationship with the characters from the said game, namely Razh Avandrey and Millia Melody.
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